First "barbecue" of the year

You see, we thought some of the students were leaving this coming week. Indeed, some were, but then they changed their plans, but not before we'd invited folk for a lunchtime "barbecue" at our place.

The inverted commas signal the fact that we don't have a barbecue any more. We used to have a heavy table-top electric grill and also we inherited a massive charcoal barbecue of the type often used to feed small armies, but we deemed both difficult to store in the flat, so one we sold and the other we dumped.

But we do have a small camping stove and lots of gas, so we set that up with my old cast-iron frying pan which I have had for over thirty years, and we churned out burgers, sausages and courgettes in that.

There followed a lazy afternoon followed by the film "Amazing Grace", and home made pizzas for tea. Patricia has worked tirelessly today.

It's quiet in the house now and the wind is getting up ready for the thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow.


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