I HAVE to tell you about two things that are brilliant

The first is our strimmer / lawn mower. It's a really nicely designed Black and Decker strimmer which comes with a little cart, a four-wheeled contraption into which you clip the strimmer, which thus transforms into a lawn mower.

I was a little doubtful when I first saw it. It just seemed like one of those ideas that are too good to work. There had to be a catch. But the reviews on Amazon were glowing.

Now for doing a golf course it would be a disaster, but for being stored on a shelf on the patio and mowing the lawn of a ground-floor bijou apartmentette it is JUST AMAZING. This morning I whizzed round the lawn before the rain started, including strimming against the patio and the walls and between the hedge shrubs in about 15 minutes flat, without rushing.

The next thing that is just amazing is our running shoes. See, when we decided to do this couch to 5K thing it was obvious that we would need running shoes. What was NOT so obvious was whether we would keep going on the programme and whether we would keep running after completing it. And have you seen the price of running shoes?

No, I hadn't either, so I popped into the little branch of Decathlon in the middle of town to see what they had. And the prices started at just short of 13€.

13€ is under £10.

I thought that they must have been made in sweatshops by young people who were sending all their money home to the village, and that's probably true. I also thought that they may last the time of the C25K programme but then they'd fall apart. That has proved to be untrue. Instead they're just very good indeed!

They're light and supportive, well-cushioned and they stay reasonably clean. I've run in them since January and they show every sign of lasting for at least a year, and that's not bad given the heffalump that goes storming round the lanes in them, and above all, given the price.


Hazel said…
The zillion dollar shoes were also mostly made in sweatshops so don't feel guilty about the price. Thanks for your blog, it has been part of the kick up the butt that I needed to get running again the last few months. Enjoy.

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