A foodie day

Well yesterday was our day off, but only sort of because it started with a team morning at Maison de la Bible, involving a brief encouragement from the Bible, followed by a time of prayer, some practical points to note about procedures. Apparently there's one particular manipulation you can do in the computer system that freezes it for all the bookshops throughout France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy! When I worked in computing this would be seen as a major bug and it would be top priority to fix the system so nobody could do that again, but it is now over 25 years since I worked in computing and nowadays you just tell people not to do it. I have to admit to being tempted...

From the Maison de la Bible we moseyed over to the Allées de Tourney to see the Epicuriales once more. There's a kind of Bordeaux bucket list of things you really ought to do, like climb the Tour Pey Berland, walk across the Pont de Pierre, ride on the BatCUB boats, etc. It includes eating at L'Entrecote. We were invited there by a friend. It also includes eating at the Epicuriales, so we thought we'd get it over with.

We were a little early so we looked at the reception stand and discovered that they do a kind of cooking workshop for 2€ where you prepare some small snack, guided by one of the chefs. We signed up and prepared spectacular samosas of duck, lemongrass and ginger accompanied by a basil salsa.

The Epicuriales is a kind of restaurant/café Festival of Booths, when they come and camp out in the middle of town. They then offer a lunch menu at 15€ as well as their à la carte menu at, of course, much more. So we ate chicken and noodles etc, and it was all mighty fine. There. Done that.

In the afternoon we had arranged to meet at English Country Kitchen to size it up. They have approached us about running an English Language activity there on Monday afternoon or perhaps Tuesday early evening. The folks generally approved, but suggested strongly that we ADD these activities to our current Tea and Chat at Dan. OK. Maybe. We're not currently looking for extra jobs to do, but we need to thin it through.


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