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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vaughan Roberts published in French !


Emmanuel said...

Is this a good book? If yes, whatr makes it so good? Why should I read it?

Alan Davey said...

Yes, it is a good book.

It is good because it is a very accessible popular Biblical Theology.

Maybe you should read it one day, though I am reluctant to say you should read it. You have lots of books waiting for you to read them. If you read it, and it is not a BIG book, then you could propose it to other folks to read if you think it is appropriate for them.

Emmanuel said...

Thanks, I might read it. I am doing an overview of the Bible with the Youth group and it could be a good tool to add to the toolbox.

gethin said...

Translated by my flatmate and a good friend from church. Woop!

Alan Davey said...

Ben, voilà !