On peut trop pousser, quand même

On the tram opposite where I was sat a block of four seats was occupied by three chaps, one sat diagonally on his bench.
I like to sit like that, too, but as the tram filled up I thought 'Yes, but surely he'll straighten up and let someone sit beside him.'

Then I looked again.
He HAD to sit diagonally.
His thighs were too long to fit straight between the facing seats.
I thought, 'Wow - how tall is that guy?'

I soon found out. He got off at a stop and as he stood I and the lady opposite me watched his head as it approached the tram roof.
He had to stoop to get through the joints between the carriages.
He had to stoop to get out of the tram door.
He walked down the road, stooped.

The lady looked at me. I looked at her.

"C'est la prochaine génération, ils seront tous comme ça."

"Ben ouais, mais on peut trop pousser, quand même..."


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