At Andy's

Next stop was Andy Cheung's place.

Andy is leaving us and returning to Martinique. His daughter is leaving us and going to Hong Kong to study.

They need to clear their flat and to get rid of various pieces of furniture.

I made a list and discussed with Mrs Davey. We think we've got everything sorted out with a destination.

I don't know if it is possible to pass through Andy's flat without eating something. At any rate, I have never seen it done. Yesterday it was tuna and tomato sandwiches, and Andy is a real restaurateur. Somehow those tuna and tomato sandwiches were probably the best I have ever had, even though it was just a tuna and tomato sandwich.

Then off home, carrying a George Clooney coffee machine. Maybe it will go in the office when we have finished it.

Andy lives in one of the most beautiful parts of Bordeaux and as I walked to the bus stop I passed a smart tea shop that sells scones (1.50€ each to take away, 6.50€ if eaten on the premises with jam and whipped cream and a cup of tea.) The café down the road had lots of tables in the street and some Spanish guy was perched on a bollard with his guitar serenading (at noon?) the people as they ate.

I love this city so much !


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