New folks on Sunday - and a potentially menacing development

Yesterday I was at Anglade (Blaye) in the morning then at Cenon for the English Service in the evening.

Anglade went well, though with a late start as there's lots of to-ing and fro-ing that people do, picking up folk from hither and yon. Still the service went well, the car behaved itself and we got home to find our friends Bryn and Betty Jones from UFM Council waiting outside the house.

Had they known that Gwilym was at home ill with la crève (a heavy cold induced by the sharing of bugs at start of term) then they could ahve waited for us in the house.

Anyway all went OK and the spaghettis went down well, followed by chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.

I retreated to the study to get my head together for the evening. While I was there I had a phone call from some folk from Widcombe church in Bath. They were booked onto a ferry from Santander but because of a strike by Brittany Ferries staff they were having to drive up to Calais - could they stay at our place overnight on Monday. I explained that 'our place' meant a warm welcome, sofas and a 6 am awakening, and then they mentioned that a student from Widcombe is with us.

"Really ? News to me."

So we scuttled off for the English Service. It was the first one with Andy Cheung present since June, so that made it very special, as well as having Bryn and Betty with us - and meeting the student from Widcombe who turned up for the first time that day.

As we approached the church I pointed out the sign to Bryn and Betty - hang on... the sign is broken...

Our plexiglass sign saying "Eglise Protestante Réformée Evangélique de la Gironde" had broken - possible broken by vandalism following the heated atmosphere over cartoons etc... ?


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