Fixing lights

Yesterday was a rich and full day, so I thought I'd blog it quickly this morning.

It started with a rendez-vous with Harriette to fix the wall lights in the Sunday School room and to plan the next step in getting the church office sorted out.

Harriette and I made a good team. I am not scared of wiring lights, especially since the electrician had already done the hard work and left bulb-holders attached. All I had to do was disconnect the bulbholders and connect the wall-lights, ignoring Harriette's worries "what if you get electrocuted... what if the whole place goes bang...". Fixing them to the wall is another thing entirely.

Harriette is not scared of fixing lights to the wall. All she had to do was drill the holes and I hammered in the wall plugs and then she screwed on the fittings, ignoring my worries of 'but what if a child touches them and they fall on her head... what if you come in one day and find the fitting on the floor and the glass shade in a thousand pieces"...

The lights look good. For the office we need a plasterer and a floor tiler. Afer that we'll be in 5th gear.

While we worked we talked about working in France, in a French church grouping and stuff.


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