At the FNAC

After fixing the lights I had a bit of "back to school" stuff to do.

Catrin needs a graphical statistical calculator for school. Prices for the thing vary from 70 euros upwards. Except on where it was 50. So I ordered it, for delivery to the FNAC in Bordeaux. (I love that shop.)

That was on 12th September. Since then we heard nothing.

Catrin needs her calculator now, so I looked on the website. "Sent on 13th September". Oh aye ?

So I went to the desk at the FNAC. The lady looked on her screen. Nothing. She looked in the computer system. Nothing. She looked in the back room. Nothing.

"I know that there was a mix-up a while ago where stuff ordered for Bordeaux went to Nice and vice versa. Trouble is, if they did that then they'll send it back to Paris from Nice, then to Bordeaux. I'll ring them up."

She rang. "Four minutes wait. Is that OK ?"

I said it was. "After a week what's four minutes more ?"

People came to pick up computers they'd ordered. The lady was wonderful at multi-tasking !

To pick up your computer you need to identify yourself.

"I've got my identity card and my husband's. Oh, and I have our livret de famille (French equivalent of birth and marriage certificates). Oh and a proof of address. Oh, and my husband's credit card that he used to pay for the computer. Oh, and I have the RIB (codes for bank account) - and it's catching"

That lady KNOWS how to do l'administration française. She has no fear of queuqing at the préfecture in the wee hours. 

13 minutes on hold and the lady decided that drastic action was called for. She got me the calculator from their stock (they've come into stock this week, though at 70€) and said "We'll sort it out when the one you ordered came in."

Bravo !


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