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Monday, September 17, 2012

Photos the British Press wouldn't print

Here's the first batch. This is from last Friday when Gwilym and I went to the Mitchell's for a meal (Catrin has been unwell this weekend with la crève - the kind of cold you get at the start of term.)

Tim and Suzanne are very happy in their flat, and I am relieved ! I don't think I unduly influenced them when I did all I felt right to do to persuade them to take the nice, light first-floor flat with a big balcony rather than one of the dark little basement hobbit holes that, it has to be said, were substantially cheaper.

As I say, I don't think I unduly influenced them. They are big enough to make up their own minds, after all. But it's still good to see them happily settled in !

Incidentally some French words are just glorious. For example :

compétitivité.. Somehow the uniform vowels lift the French word high above the base English.

créée.. le monde a été créé, of course, while la terre a été créée

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Alan Davey said...

Oh, and in the Express poster, François Hollande is thinking "and what if Sarkozy was right..."