Oh, I HATE it. Stupid car !

Since we came back from holidays we've used the car just for the weekly shop and for church on Sundays.

This has had an immediate beneficial effect on our monthly spending ! 
We spend about 90€ a month on public transport for the whole family. 
In addition we used to spend 140€ a month on diesel (in addition to insurance and repairs etc.). 
This month we've spent less than 50€ on diesel (we've filled up just once and the tank is still on half-full).

It also has helped my state of mind.
After four years of intermittent trouble with the clutch I just hate driving the thing.
Twice this month the clutch has made that ominous clunk that usually heralds another breakdown.
Once was this afternoon.

I can't foresee any circumstances that would allow us to change the car. 
I've wondered about personal leasing, but it costs too much.
I honestly think that the next step for us is to no longer have our own car. 
We'd shop online for the big shop.
We'd depend on public transport for everything except Blaye. 
We'd travel back and fore to Blaye by Autocool - the car pool club. 
Blaye mileage is reimbursed by the church anyway, so I think it would work out OK, cost-wise.

My big concern now is the next few weeks. 
I travel to the UK in about 10 days. 
I can't see the car getting through the next month without breaking down. 
Whenever that happens I drive home then to the garage without the clutch, but Pat can't do that.

She'll just have to not use the car. 
And we need to think seriously about just selling it for whatever we can get.
Life would be so much less stressful !


Alan said…
I have calmed down now. I have also planned my journeys for tomorrow - all by bus. I'll be reading en route. Bliss.

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