Rentrée nearly sorted

This period of the year is known as la rentrée scolaire (back to school) and it's always hard work.

For one thing the kids have been used to getting up at 7, 8, 9 or later.
Now they have to get up at 6 to get out of the house at 7 to get to school for 8.
Poor things, they're generally in bed before 9pm at the moment.

Then there's all the back to school stuff to buy. This year we bought a lab-coat for the first time. The supermarkets have them at what I thought was a very reasonable 10 (though those buttons will come off before Christmas). Not so reasonable is Catrin's stats calculator that she needs - it has to be exactly the right one - which some shops had at over 100€ but I tracked down online for 50€.

Then for the church there's all the different ativities to relaunch. It seems more difficult here than in Wales. In the church in North WXales you just started again where you left off last time. I suppose youth activities took the most planning and stuff. Here everything has to be replanned and relaunched, especially in our case where we now are offically without a pastor - or perhaps we should say without an official pastor - and I'm once again in the role of acting pastor.

So we have our "journée de la rentrée" on Sunday, when there'll be the service in the morning where our elder statesman Eugène Boyer will preach for us, followed by lunch of spag bol and everyone brings desserts, followed by a meeting where we share the plans for the coming year. Then we get on with the work, except me because I have a deputation trip for the middle two weeks of October in Scotland and the North of England.

So it's all go ! And we get a bit zonked by the evening !


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