What a varied Saturday !

It began with Ubuntu at the Camponac Mediathèque. I was feeling bad that the "install party" was the first meeting of the Bordeaux Logiciels Libres User Group that I had been to until my good friend confessed that it was just the same for him. Anyway the Heron is very impressive and once I do some moving of files etc. I may well make the switch. Partly anyway.

Then home for lunch and preparation for the big inaugural day tomorrow. Then into Bordeaux for an intensive English session with one of my students. Then home for more preparation.

My student was talking about how hard French is for him. He feels that he will never master the language - just the technical language for his business studies. Well he is Chinese. Then in the future actually English will probably be more important for him than French.

Tomorrow begins nicely here at home with the first of our services in English, then lunch together, then scuttling off for the afternoon service at the centre where I am preaching.

In the morning we're in Ephesians 1 - I suggested a few options to my colleague, Ben, and he went for Ephesians. I made the mistake of reading Olyott - the problem is that you end up just wanting to use his structure. The same problem happens with Dale Ralph Davis in the Old Testament history books - you end up completely convinced by his strong covenantal interpretation of the text - though to be fair he does leave the job of getting from there to Christ for you to do.

In the afternoon we're in Ephésiens 2.

I hope I don't get too confused.


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