Best teacher meme

Guy tagged me with the Best Teacher meme. I have to think of the five best teachers I've had.

Wow ! I've had so many teachers and all of them have been outstanding. How to choose the five best. I'll take the five that come first to mind.

1) Mrs Rossiter. My primary school teacher. I think it was probably she who worked hard to convince me that I could do anything that I wanted to. I later found out she was wrong when I tried pole-vaulting. I asked her what the symbol "pi" meant and she sent me to ask Mr Evans, who was seven feet tall and had a voice like Zeus. We owe our primary school teachers a huge debt and we can best repay it by praying for primary school teachers now.

2) Geoff Thomas. You learn to preach by hearing preachers. Geoff taught us to forget ourselves in the pulpit and concentrate on getting the point across with as much force as possible. He said "You can't say at the same time that Jesus is great and I am clever".

3) Stuart Olyott. Stuart taught us that you can do it with clear structure, short sentences and simple words.

4) Ken Kane. Simply the best language teacher I have ever come across (and I've known a few !) I laughed myself silly and learned Welsh more efficiently than I could have ever thought possible.

5) Alexandre Fernandez and Colette Choussat (I am cheating here and sneaking two in) at the language school in Bordeaux. M. Fernandez taught us "Contemporary French history". He began with Charlemagne and his classes were basically two hours of story-telling in his strong Landes accent (which I covet) where the story was France. Brilliant. Mme. Choussat enthralled and terrified (do your work in pen, please, and don't come late to class). Like a roller-coaster - you laughed and ... well you never screamed, but you know what I mean.

Oh dear. I have to tag five people now. Ben and Liz Griffin, Daniel Foucachon, Caleb Woodbridge, Richard Myerscough, James Eglinton. That should get us a varied batch !


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