A quiet blog means a busy week...

Sorry the blog is quiet at the moment. The reason is that this week is pretty busy, which is good.

Yesterday started with the UFM team prayer meeting - we meet up to talk about the works we're involved in and to pray for the student work, for the church, for the language school etc.

We've been concerned recently for the number of contacts we have who don't have functional French. Some come to church but don't really follow much. Others don't go anywhere. The church has the goal of ministering to different language groups - including the anglophones and the Chinese speakers. A good start has been made via a relationship with a group of Chinese churches in Paris, but the anglophone project has been hampered by the lack of a suitable place to meet. Anyway we have decided to begin Sunday morning meetings at our home in English. Because it'll be in our home we won't publicise widely. We aim to start small and to see what happens. If and when we get a venue of our own then we'll launch properly and more publicly. We hope eventually that the English language ministry will create a bridge into the French work.

Then yesterday afternoon I scuttled into town to negotiate a venue for an International Carol Service, hopefully the second Sunday of December. If this works out we will need to publicise widely and early.

Then back to Pessac for a lift (in a Dacia MPV - very impressive - spacious and comfortable) to the church council meeting, which ran from 4h30 to 9 - a bit of a marathon, but there were big things to discuss.

There aren't many days quite like that, but when they happen they make the blog quiet.

Today is calmer ( just as well, it's my day off ! ), but the rest of the week will be pretty busy and I am preaching twice on Sunday, English am, French pm. I am looking forward to the time when I can preach from the same notes ( in mindmap form ) either in English or in French. We aren't there yet but it's one of my goals for the coming year.


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