Plan B for the carol service

We still await a final answer for whether we have a venue for the carol service this year.

I like to have a plan B and while I was looking round the area I spotted a hall that belongs to the municipality which would be really nice for a carol service, though it is smaller than the place we have asked for.

In Bordeaux, with lots of associations, using a municipal hall for regular meetings is pretty unreliable - you're unlikely to get the use of the same place each week. However for a Christmas one-off it may just work, and the town hall may be happy to let us use it for something which is anglophone and christmassy.

However, to use a municipal hall we'd have to have formed an association culturelle (1901) , so we may attack this in the next few weeks. Also the municipality is obliged to let associations use a room once each year.

Nothing more easy, say our French guys here. Great.


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