Oh well, that's all right then

Last night Pessac was HEAVING with traffic. Everywhere. I had to get over to the Verthamon / Haut Brion area, which should take 10 minutes but I was queued up EVERYWHERE.

Why ?

Queues at petrol stations, that's why. The fishermen are protesting at the price of diesel µ by blockading the crude terminals at La Rochelle and Ambès. (it seemes likely to me that this blockade will push the price of diesel up, but hey...) So people are panic-buying fuel, queueing onto the road and generally causing chaos.

Meanwhile the city centre was crawling with police.

Why ?

Because of the arrest of Francisco Javier Lopez Pena, the alleged leader of ETA, in the heart of Bordeaux at Cours de la Marne, near the Victoire Baptist Church. You don't want to see what they did to the door of the house to get in ! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/2003335/Eta-leader-Francisco-Javier-Lopez-Pena%27s-arrest-is-%27major-blow-to-terrorist-group%27.html?DCMP=EMC-new_22052008

On the way back out of town I decided that I had better fill up with diesel because I am at Blaye this Sunday morning. Wow, I thought, the price has doubled.

When we arrived in September 2005 we paid about 90 centimes a litre for diesel. The exchange rate was at about 1.40 € to the pound. So that gave about 64p per litre.

Now we pay about 1.38 € and the exchange rate is at 1.25€. So that gives £1.10.

That's not double, is it? Oh well, that's all right then.

µ - and pension reform - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7413967.stm


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