Making a spectacle of yourself - 1

Pat goes to an association which meets at Saige - a complex of tower blocks and other flats not far from Catrin's school. The association exists to teach immigrant people French - some of whom are illiterate in any language. It's a good way to improve your French and to meet and befriend people.

On Tuesday the association put on its show. I had something else on too, so I dropped the family off for rehearsals then went back in time for the show which was entitled "Différent mais pareil" and aimed to draw parallels between the 19th century culture of Les Landes and the culture of the countries the various participants come from - e.g. marriage customs in Morocco and India, the vanilla harvest in Madagascar, sheep farming in Australia, etc.

Pat played an Australian sheep farmer's wife and a Landaise bride, to great critical acclaim.


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