The last rat

Black Beauty died this evening after a long illness - well, she had a tumour but it didn't seem to cause her any discomfort. Over the last few days she was obviously becoming weaker but she still enjoyed chocolate and cuddling up with Pat and Catrin. Today it was clear that the end was near.

These rats really have been excellent pets and I was reflecting today on how various ones have met their end.

Designer Rat, a real bimbo, died of heatstroke from not drinking. His death was tragic and he was a beautiful rat though obviously not blessed with common sense.

Patch died very suddenly overnight. One day he was fine. The next morning he was gone. Patch was the friendliest rat.

Ratty, the mother, lived up to her name and never really liked being handled. She died of old age, though she had tumours, too, but she just faded gracefully away.

Black Beauty was most obviously ill, but still comfortable and enjoying life.

Nobody remembers how Golden Siesta quit us.

It's been useful for the kids to experience this. We'll wait till after the Davey Summer Expedition before deciding what to do about a replacement. Meanwhile Gwilym's gerbil hops on strongly.


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