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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Si je me tais

This is the song we sang at the church I visited last Sunday morning. It's simple, I know, but I was quite taken with it and I consider that it has a lot to commend it. Maybe someone would like to offer a translation ?

Si je me tais,
Oh j'apprendrai
A écouter,
la voix du Bon Berger

Quand je l'entends,
oh je comprends
Qu'il a payé
pour ma liberté

Quand je t'ouvre mon coeur,
Je te vois Seigneur,
Quand je t'ouvre mon coeur,
Je t'entends me parler
Et ta loi dans mon coeur
Toujours demeure,
Et ta vie à chaque heure,
Coule comme un torrent.

B. Laffite


David said...

If I'm silent
I'll learn
To listen
to the voice of the shepherd

When I hear
I understand
That he paid
for my freedom

When I open my heart
I see you Lord
When I open my heart
I hear you speaking to me
Your law is on my heart
Always remaining
And your life each hour
Pouring like a torrent

Hope you're all well. I'm still enjoying the blog!


Alan Davey said...

Yes. "Tais-toi" is the nearest equivalent of "Shut up", so I might have said "If I shut up I'll learn to listen to the voice of the good shepherd".

A useful sentiment, no ?

Watch out for the l' and t'. They hide !

Quand je l'entends - When I hear him

Quand je t'ouvre mon coeur - When I open my heart to you.

David said...

Oh yeah so they do! I've only just noticed them now you pointed them out! Ah well

Tais-toi I know about because it's one of my French teacher's favourite phrases!