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Friday, October 22, 2010

Tout reprit son calme

Well Pat has gone to the feminine circle on the bus and tram. She says she likes going that way and it saves hunting for a parking spot. OK. The kids are in school. Catrin has a half-day today but is going swimming with surrogate-big-sisters Jenna and Marije after lunch.

So I have a quiet morning ahead of me. I can get Sunday evening really sorted, I'm not preaching in the morning.

Also I might be able to pop out to the Orange store. I was just on the verge of signing on the dotted line for that laptop / phone contract deal when orange dropped their prices for iPhone contracts. Rotters ! It's not all that obvious to me what is what from the website so I need to call into a store and get them to talk me through. Then go and sign on the dotted line, perhaps !

At lunchtime I'm in the collège chapel. I am thinking to take our copies of "L'évangile en bandes dessinées". we don't use them and the kids there really go for the manga gospel and acts. So much so that I am reluctant to disturb their reading !

The heating man came yesterday, fiddled with the boiler and set it working, but the radiators are still cold. He said he'd come back and check at the start of the afternoon, but we must have missed him by about 10 minutes. We found his card wedged in the door. I phoned and emailed him to say that they're still stone cold.

Meanwhile he said that there would be a possibility of changing the boiler for a heat-pump. Instead of a 5kw electric water-heater boiler we'd install a 1kw heat-pump. The advantage being much greater efficiency and the government offers interest-free loans and 40% of the cost of the boiler refunded. He said he'd get the figures to us.

So we're waiting for him to get back to us.

Meanwhile the wood for the wood-stove will be delivered on  Monday at 10am.

This evening  church council at 6pm. Big band practice at 8:30pm, but they know I'll be late.

And, saving the best till last, tomorrow is the start of the Toussaint school holidays - that means no more getting up at 6am for 10 days. Yippppeeeeeee !

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