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Saturday, October 30, 2010

So is it OK if I use the main switch on the distribution board to switch it off ?

OK. This heating system. It sure works. Oh boy, does it work !

The temperature in the lounge was at 21° and rising. There's no thermostat or timer. There is just the knob on the boiler itself to switch on and off and to make it run hotter or less hot. And the boiler is in the loft.

I had a brianwave. There's a whopping great switch on the electricity distribution board that cuts the current. Can we use that to switch it on and off ?

I emailed the boilerman. He phoned back. "Well yes, you can, but the best way to use the heating is to set it low and leave it on all the time."

"What ? From now till March ?"

"Well, yes."

So two things happened.

One, I turned the knob on the boiler all the way down - it couldn't go any lower without being switched off.

Two, the weather turned mild.

We gave up and turned it off at the distribution board until the cold snaps come ! Oh - and I did a quick experiment last night - I turned it on just as I went to bed and turned it off at 7am. This way it runs on cheap rate electricity.

Maybe this will be effective until we can get a thermostat and programmer installed.

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