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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Est-ce que vous êtes spécialiste es la langue greque ?

Moi non plus.

This is how we began our reading of the first half of John 1, my JW friend, his companion and me. We read, we shared very openly.

He should know by now the text on which they base the authority of the committee in Brooklyn (Matthew 24 : 45 - 51), but it takes him a while to find it (again). He says, "parmi tant de religions dans ce monde, quelle est la bonne ?" I reply, "Aucune ! On n'a pas besoin d'une religion. On a besoin d'un sauveur, de Jésus-Christ !"

I don't know. Is it a waste of time ? Will my friend ever awake and see through the watchtower ?

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