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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"en cure"

You know there are questions you dare not ask and situations in which you dare not ask them. Thus it was that when a friend said during a committee meeting "je vais en cure" I dared not ask on about what on earth she was.

I did not have the same scruples when my friend Gérard the JW came round and said he was 'en cure' for the next three weeks. So here it is...

If one has, say, rheumatism, or circulation problems, or perhaps ... asthma ... one can go "en cure" - you go to a centre somewhere, a thermal spa for rheumatism or circulation or maybe a mountain place for asthma - and you spend three weeks being pampered and cossetted. Gérard spends a lot of time in a pool of mud up to his neck.

I said "Yes, but that isn't covered by the health service?" but yes it is !

Oh really ? Amazing !

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