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Sunday, October 24, 2010

La France ! Elle est belle ! Elle est grande !

The thing about France is that if you are going to Pau, for example, and you miss your exit on the motorway because you are talking, for example, it can be a very long distance before you realise.

One person realised pretty quickly and turned back - but still arrived after us.

We realised rather slowly, after passing a certain power-station which my guide did not expect to see, and so we had a lovely scenic drive through la France profonde *, including le Gers, which is lovely, and we passed through Marciac which is really very nice indeed.

We were late for lunch but there was lots left over anyway so towards the end of the afternoon repetition we went and scavenged and ate very well.

The concert with the two big bands went very well - we played in a big swanky shopping centre just opposite a café. I thought, "watch that place empty !" but no, people stayed and applauded and so on...

There's another concert this afternoon, but I needed to come home to preach this evening, so I drove sedately through the night after the evening meal., this time on the right road and with just enough diesel to get here !

* la France profonde - equivalent of "the sticks" in English, "cefn gwlad Powys" in Welsh or "darkest Peru" in Paddington Bear.

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Anonymous said...

Good to read that you have come back safe ;-). Although we missed one trombone player, Sunday's concert was great too, more people in the public than on stage, scatting whith François-Marie on "Mr Zoot suit". Despite the "sport room natural reverberation", the sound was hearable and our chief was quite happy with how we played.
"A+" Olivier