Well March and April will be an interesting time!

I remember one guy who spoke sadly about the multiplication of conferences.

March 16 - March 18 : ICC Prayer Conference near Geneva
March 30 - April 1 : Colloque Biblique Francophone in Lyon
April 4 - April 6 : Acts 29 Resolved Conference in Rome
April 12 - April 14 : City to City in Lisbon
April 11 - April 14 : Banner of Truth Conference in Leicester

methinks me must choose


Emmanuel said…
If I were you, I would drop all the fancy, trendy conferences and go for depth and relationships. Colloque Biblique needs your support. Banner is where you have most close friends going to. The others are in the fancy, trendy category. they don't need you, and you can live without them. You'll get lost in the crowd, there will be lot of noise, and they are very far. If you want to go near Geneva, you don't need to attend ICC. You can come to see us and the Dilworths.
Alan said…
Thanks Emanuel!

I'm not really looking for a relationship at this stage in my life, or to be needed.

I think I'll turn my mobile phone off in March and go for a long walk by the Canal du Midi until mid-April.
Emmanuel said…
You won't do it, I don't think you will do it.
And yes, we youngsters need you with more experience than us.

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