Open air preaching and Catrin's concert

Wednesday began with my stint in the Maison de la Bible. It was a pretty quiet morning punctuated by happy visits from sundry welcome souls. Pat relieved me at 2, but I stayed with her till 3 because she was scheduled to be alone for her first hour.

Then to McDonalds for coffee and office space! Reading for Sunday and checking emails and stuff.

Then down the road from McDonalds to where our good friends from OAC were going to preach in the open air. I've wanted to go and support them for months, but there's always something; There was something again, but enough was enough. It was a good time with perhaps a little crowd of 10 to 15 people for one of the little presentations, good humoured people listening well and nice conversations afterwards.

Then off to the University for a concert of music by Duteil. Catrin's classmates had had the task of orchestrating the songs for a concert at the end of last year, but now a handful of them sang the songs while others accompanied (including Catrin) and the other classmates sang backing 'ooo's. We were impressed by the students'  talent, as well as by the show put on by the Dance students earlier - very beautiful. I regretted not going in to hear the ukulele orchestra. Can you really do a degree in ukulele studies?

Home at last, tired but happy.


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