I like so many things about our flat

like it's position.

When we thought about what we would need, we thought 70 sq. m., 2 or 3 bedrooms (3 would be great, but hey), and not facing south or west.

Our friends thought we were nuts not to want to face south, and it's true that in winter the passive solar heating is nice, and the place would be much more bright. But in the summer you'd get cooked, you'd live with the shutters down and short of installing air conditioning they'd be very little you could do about it.

Facing west would mean facing the prevailing winds, which means you get the rain and wind coming right at you, especially when it's stormy - and it's often stormy because Bordeaux is right next to the Bay of Biscay.

So when we saw this flat there were two available. One was on the first floor facing due south. We hesitated, but in the end took this one on the ground floor facing north and east. It means we get the morning sun and we are sheltered from the winds and storms.

Like last night, when the massive bin for the block of flats was blown over, but on our terrace all was calm.


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