So why didn't he write you a prescription?

I am not sure that this shingles has gone away. Which means no flu jab. Apparently this year's vaccine isn't that good, perhaps 23% efficient. And a friend recommends a complicated homeopathic reinforcement of the immune system instead.

Oh OK, then. So he wrote out again the three remedies you need, and the instructions. He's a retired doctor, so I can barely make out any of the letters in his handwriting, but he explains to me as well. And off I went to the pharmacy.

The pharmacist looked at the list. He, of course, could read the scrawl perfectly easily.

"So why didn't he write you a prescription?"

"Uh, I don't know." (I did really. He's retired. He's about 80) "What difference would it make?"

"It's completely refunded by the health service."

"Really? It wouldn't be in the UK. The NHS has no faith in homeopathy."

"The NHS also does not have an 8 billion euro deficit."

I'm not sure what the NHS deficit is at present, but I'm pretty sure it isn't counted in euros so I felt OK to just agree.

He went off and got the stuff and explained again what to do.

"That's 6 euros please."

"Oh, it's not expensive, is it? Though of course we know that there's nothing in it"

He shook the little tubes. "Oh yes, there's something in it OK."

After we move we'll be substantially further away from our pharmacy, and I'll miss it.
Perhaps I'll keep going there.


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