Just to elucidate...

I am not sure that our politicians are on the right track...

M. Hollande speaks about France being at war, and about armies of terror.
We've launched sizeable attacks on particular sites in Syria.

However, wars are conducted by states, nations and governments.
They send armies of soldiers, trained and organised, into battle for well-defined aims.

The terrorists who shot innocent people indiscriminately or exploded their suicide vests were not soldiers. They were not armed representatives of a hostile state.

They were ruffians, criminals, with their courage apparently bolstered by amphetamines, they were sent by gangs of brigands and pirates to wreak havoc in the streets of Paris like some gang of berserkers.

They have no legitimacy. They have no right to be dignified with words like army or soldier.

Let's call a spade a spade and a cut-throat gang-member a lout and a criminal.

Let's pursue them with all the force of the law, but don't let's speak of armies and warfare.
That's exactly what they want, to be seen as soldiers of Allah.
And they're not. They're a gang of violent louts. That's all.

Today as I went into the FNAC and into MacDonalds I was searched by very polite security guards.
They were clearly of North African origin.
I was very glad of their presence and their vigilance.


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