La remise des clés

November arrived today, 12 days late but foggy, chilly and grey. I got a Citiz car and rolled along home to pick up our new bathmat, shower curtain and stuff. Oh, and Patricia. Then we hied us away to the new flat.

A bit of hanging around because we got there early, then we tagged on to the previous new tenant as she was shown the underground carpark, the bike cupboards and the bins area and stuff. Then we went to see the flat. All nice and new, the kitchen fitted and ready for washing machines, ovens etc. Cupboards so clean and empty and so on.

We turned on all the heating and it all heated up.

We turned on all the lights and they all worked except the one outside on the patio.

We found out that the gardeners will cut the hedges but we have to cut the lawn so we'll need to get a small mower and to take our garden cupboard to hide it in.

We put up the shower curtain and put the towels in the drawer.

Then we signed here, there and there, got the sundry and divers keys and scuttled off home.

They reckon our electric bill will be about 450€ per year. About 35€ per month. For all our energy consumption.
Yeah. Right.

Now to:

1) Contact EDF and Lyonnaise des Eaux to set up our account for the flat

2) Buy bed and fridge-freezer from Ikea and get them delivered along with sundry and divers other items.

3) Phone removal people and arrange a date.

4) Arrange internet access at the new flat.

5) Pack and move.

6) Hold a "Vide maison" and empty the house

7) Clean the house

8) Sign on the sale

9) Cancel the insurance on the old house.


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