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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Ikea Bunks

When we arrived in France we bought two sets of Ikea Svârta bunks, so that the kids could have friends to stay overnight. They have been great over the years - as solid now as the day we first put them together all those years ago.

Now we want Catrin to have a slightly more conventional bed - we're getting a single that transforms into a double, so it's time to sell the bunks.

The first set went a couple of weeks ago.

The second set is scheduled to go this afternoon, but last night as I took them apart I realised that several of the screws were missing - some that held the mattress-bed to the frame and all the attachments for the ladder. I indicated this in the advert and lowered the price a bit.

Anyway, this morning I scuttled off to Ikea to get mattresses for Catrin's bed (the bed will wait till we move into the flat) and remembered that they used to stock spare screws. I asked the lady. They still do. Bruno at the customer service counter was very helpful. He brought up the assembly instructions on his screen and identified the screws. He went off to get them and ... there was no charge.

Bravo Ikea!

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