Man, everything is so FRUSTRATING!


So we have the keys to the flat.

We have the Electricity supply in our name.

Yesterday morning we put the water supply in our name.
Thankfully I had photographed the meter, because there's a code on it that Eau de Bordeaux needed.

Next job was to talk to the removal firm before going to Ikea for bedding.
A friend had used a super removal firm and highly recommended them, so I phoned them.
And got no answer.
Their website had a facility to leave a message, so I did that.
We had lunch. We decided to go to Ikea.

On the way back from Ikea, in the Citiz car, my phone rang in my pocket.
We were stuck, I couldn't answer it.
It was an unrecognised number and they didn't leave a message.

Oh well. This morning was prayer and planning morning.
So this afternoon I tried the different office of the same removal firm, the further one from the other side of Bordeaux.
They'll come to do a quote next Monday.


Meanwhile we are considering shipping over the bare necessities and camping at the flat! :-D


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