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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Word of faith, prosperity gospel, sheep-milking movements

Oh dear.

Hillsong investigated by journalists for its massive tax-free earnings and its manner of encouraging giving.

Meanwhile Joyce Meyer is coming to France (No! Send her back!) and some friends and colleagues from Bordeaux are involved in the music for her events.

How can you spot a money-raker?

1) How do they ask you for money? How often, how forcefully, how hard, how persuasively...

Generally people ask you most for what they want most from you. That's pretty easy to spot!
If people want you to love and trust Jesus, then you'll be left with that impression.
If people want your money, then you'll get a different impression.

2) What is their style of ministry?

Remember that our saviour's lifestyle was simple in the extreme.
On a scale of hobo to rockstar, he said "I have nowhere to lay my head".
So when someone flies in in their private jet smell a rat.
Rats fly in private jets. Disciples fly economy. Business if they're upgraded.

3) Remember showbiz is a business. The "biz" part is short for business.

The New Testament is very negative towards people who think Jesus is a way for making money.
People build showbiz empires by singing about Jesus in packed theatres and then milking the sheep who come.
But you don't build for eternity like that.
Showbiz empires all crumble.
Only the mustard-seed Kingdom endures.

(I remember reading with joy how some good and wise people in Israel met Benny Hinn at the airport and popped him on the next plane home.)

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