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Alan and Pat live and work in Bordeaux. Alan is a pastor and Pat was a nurse. Now we work with UFM worldwide. Read on! (If you'd like to know what took us to Bordeaux, then start with the archives from September 2004)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UK Visit : the churches and the pastors

I was so very encouraged by the churches I visited.

One has recently adopted the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.
Another has grown to 60 members in its 12 years of existence.
Churches are reaching their communities with café church, with food banks, with all kinds of initiatives.
It was so very very encouraging to see that God is at work.

At the same time it was clear that this comes at a price.
Many pastors struggle with burnout, with stress-related conditions or with diagnoses of depression.
Fine, caring pastors, well-trained and with elderships in place in stable, growing churches.
I am in no position to offer an analysis or a diagnosis.

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