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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sur le chemin du retour

Oh dear, a whole week with no update.

Not only that, but I ought to have posted a review for a book, and it was a good book. I shall do that soon.

Meanwhile a brief reflection on the Banner of Truth Minister's conference.

Splendid accommodation once more on the lovely campus of the university in Leicester. What makes the campus so nice is the gardens with their beautiful flowering shrubs and trees.

The theme was frightening - "The minister and his suffering" - but in the end the conference was very happy and positive. I had to do a paper on "Missionaries' problems and suffering and how churches can help them", so I had a sleepless night before and after, but lots of encouraging remarks including "Do you not think that could become a book, or at least a pamphlet, or at least a series of articles". My initial response was "No, of course not" but I modified it to "We'll see." We'll see indeed.

And surprise, surprise, the folk at Banner are in fact very easy to preach to, they listen extremely well and encourage you with the odd nod, grunt, squeak or howl.

The food at Banner is always delicious and copious and the staff charming and helpful.

Then after visiting the splendid folks at Little Hill, who didn't see my best side because I was so very tired (see above) I got to Bath and have slept quite a lot!

Tomorrow Freshbrook am, Widcombe pm. Monday gentle strolling in Bath and preparation of bags for flight and on Tuesday I fly home.

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