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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fooding in Wales

Supermarkets here are floored with traps. You are dangered on every aisle.


Because of UK delicacies that are unshoppingable in France.

Like Bourbon Cream biscuits, Cadbury's Mini-Rolls, Sponge cakes with buttercream filling, bacon, pork pies, pickles and chutneys, the list is unthatisallable.

You have to no the temptation to glutton on all these things. And thus far I have surprised myself by noing LOTS of opportunities to greed.

At Maesycwmmer, which was basically a cake-fest sandwiched between two messages from Sinclair Ferguson, I noed all the Victoria sandwiches and gooey carrot cakes etc (how could I?) and ate one mini-roll and a Welsh cake.

In the supermarket I have nogoed the biscuit aisles as well as the pickles and chutneys.

But today I have some bacon to make a bacon butty for lunch, and an individual pot of rice pudding! FIESTA!

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