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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Agonying and ecstasying in the 'Diff

Now I knew the Christian Bookshop had shut down, but I thought that maybe the Bible Depot in the market was still there. It was upstairs.

Up I went. No sign of it. I looked across at the signs painted on the booths (I had my glasses on!). There we are! "Sunday School Supplies" just between the pet food stall and the record shop.

And that's all there was. "Sunday School Supplies" painted on a booth - left over from the Bible Depot.

OK. Now W H Smith has some books tucked away behind the coffee and chocolates but Lears is long gone. Perhaps there's still a shop by the Student Union. That means there's no bookshop in Central Cardiff?

I noticed that the Cardiffians are not much like the Bordelais. Discreet, well-dressed, stylish, the Bordelais walk quietly from shop to shop, clutching the bags. The Cardiffians chatter, joke, shout, and fool about in their tee-shirts and leggings or cargo-pants.

Hang on. There was a Waterstones down by the side of James Howell. Phew. It was still there.
I dare say the oriel bookshop is there somewhere if you hunt.

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