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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Book Review - Acts - EP Study Commentary - by Guy Prentiss Waters

I was very excited to get a copy of Guy Prentiss Waters' commentary on Acts to review. Acts is a wonderful book and there are some excellent commentaries available now, so the prospect of reading a popular level commentary from a reformed scholar was wonderful.

And the book doesn't disappoint. Its scope is perfectly suited as a help to preachers and as a guide for personal reading. The book has 614 pages, which suggests a somewhat weighty tome, but you have to remember that Acts is a rather long book. Not only that but Waters' approach is pleasantly light and very readable.

He quotes often and provides good footnotes, citing people like Barrett, Calvin, Longenecker, Marshall,  Stott, Witherington - a wide range of sources. He is strong on his understanding of the more heavily-discussed (disputed?) passages, and doesn't allow himself to get sidetracked into too much debate.

Perhaps one of the features I most appreciated about the book is the insertion of frequent sections of application. Now application can become dated quite quickly, but here it focuses wisely on principles that can be applied in many different contexts and situations.

In short, this is a splendid book, to be commended wholeheartedly.

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