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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Book review : Honest Evangelism, by Rico Tice

Honest Evangelism : How to talk about Jesus even when it's tough.

When I saw that a book by Rico Tice on Evangelism was available for review I rushed to sign up to read and review it. Rico first came to my attention some years ago (ahem, ahem) when my colleague Mark and I used to fly from Liverpool to London for Christianity Explored training courses. We found someone who was pretty well in every way larger than life. We were met and embraced by his generous, joyful spirit. We discovered various members of his family, including the Ayatollah (I wonder if he still calls her that?) And we caught something of his infectious enthusiasm for seeing other discover the joy of salvation.

I devoured the book happily on train journeys around England and Wales, riding the crests and the troughs of the experiences Rico relates as he talks us through his subject. It's the same Rico, though time has brought lots of changes, of course.

It's not a long book: it's divided into just eight chapters in which Rico explores the various motivations and hindrances to sharing our love for Jesus with others. Sometimes it's very challenging. Sometimes very funny. Sometimes very practical. Sometimes quite painful to read. Always it's very orderly, clear and methodically presented.

Though Rico refers to changes in Western attitudes and thought, this is no mini "Gagging of God". It's a pretty straightforward book on personal evangelism. If you're after philosophical reflection you'll need to look elsewhere.

But if you want to be challenged to trust the King, love the lost, pray and proclaim, take hell seriously and love the Saviour more than your own life - or reputation - then this book is for you.

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