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Monday, February 09, 2015

The return of the oven - Volume Three of the Saga of Samsung

Well today has been a very carful day. It started with a trip to the airoporto to pick up Pat's sister.

Now I ought to explain to you, reader, that whatever high officials are in charge of these matters have decreed that Easyjet flights from Gatwick to Bordeaux and British Airways flights from Gatwick to Bordeaux should take off and land almost simultaneously, but the passengers thereof should be admitted to La Belle France from opposite ends of the airoporto.

Thus it was that Patricia and I were to be found staring at a stubbornly closed door at the Billi arrivals - the door all the Easyjet passengers had passed through on their way to Cheese-and-Wine-land.

Meanwhile Pat's sister was to be found sitting at the British Airways end of the airport thinking that we MUST have the day right this time because she told Pat on the phone she wasn't coming yesterday. (Oh yes, I didn't tell you about the mix-up over the days, did I)

Anyway because we had plenty of time we left the house in a hurry, Pat leaving behind her phone and me leaving behind all thought of corporal comfort.

I needed the loo.

Easyjet passengers do not warrant a loo in the arrivals area so I had to go into the main building to find succour. While I was there I thought, "what if..." and decided to wander down to the BA end of the building, whereupon I perceived a somewhat forlorn looking sister of Patricia's wondering quite what might have happened.

Brief explanations. Warm reunions. All's well, as quoth the immortal bard.

Then home for a quick repast of chicken and sundry bits and bobs before scuttling off in the bigger car (we have, of course, over 40 cars) to collect the newly repaired oven.

"It was the security catch on the door, sir. Nothing to do with the previous repair at all."

Oh well. It's still showing the time at the moment.

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