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Monday, February 16, 2015

A festive family boat trip

Pat's sister flew home this evening, so we wanted to make her last day a nice one.

We hummed and hah'd and discussed and weighed up, and finally came up with the idea of a boat trip on the BatCUB. Pauline's 7-day tram and bus pass covers the BatCUB and so we hied us away to Stalingrad to catch the boat. We have done it a few times - a nice round trip from Stalingrad to Lormont, then back to the Quays, then to Quinconces, then to Stalingrad once more.

Except the 12 o'clock boat went straight across the river to Quinconces then was going to go back.

Oh well, we decided to take a stroll along the quays and find somewhere to get some coffee.

Then we saw the other BatCUB coming along behind us from Quinconces to the Quays.

It moored. We jumped on. I asked the lady what was happening. She explained that for about 18 months now the BatCUB doesn't do the round trip any more, though the leaflets, website and even the timetable give the impression that it does. Instead one boat goes back and fore across the river between Stalingrad and Quinconces, and the other does the rest of the stops.

Feeling much relieved, we enjoyed our trip to Lormont.
We then had 5 minutes before the boat went back.
Or an hour...

At that part of Lormont there are three cafés.

One advertised the lunchtime menu at 16.50€. Um, no.

Another was a kebab joint. It looked very nice.

The third was a café, tobacconist, bar, betting shop and it advertised omelettes or plat du jour for 8.50€. That's more like it.

What's the plat du jour?

Steak and chips.

That'll do nicely. Pauline chose an omelette with ham, chorizo, potato and cheese.

When it came it was on a large square plate accompanied by a salad and a small cup of vegetable soup, a wedge of camembert and a glass of fromage blanc flavoured with orange conserve. A smallish but perfectly decent four course meal. What a bargain!

We saw a small crowd gathering for the boat, so I rushed in and paid quickly, finished up and we scuttled across and just got to the gate in time to hop on.

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