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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Hhmmm. The Oven saga continues.

So I booked a car to take the stupid oven all the way back to the repair place in Bègles. But before I set out to get the car I thought I'd phone the people I bought it from and also Samsung.

I phoned CDiscount. This is an internet sales firm based just outside Bordeaux so I like to do business with them. Well, I used to.

"We have the same problem again with the oven."

"You'll have to take it back to the repair place."

"Each time I do that it takes a couple of hours and we have to hire a car.
You did suggest we post it but can you imagine the cost of posting a microwave oven?"

"Well I'll give you Samsung's number, but we can only replace it if a repair is not possible.
Oh, and can you fill in the questionnaire about the service you received on this call."

"Well, the oven isn't fixed yet..."

"No, it's just about the call."

Well I filled it in. The man on the line was very nice but the oven still doesn't work, so my comments were not terribly positive.

I phoned Samsung. "Oh yes, I see it's already been repaired once."

"Yes, last week."

"Well you'll have to take it back to the repair place."

"But every time I do that it takes a couple of hours and costs about €40.
I hope this is the last time I take it there!"

I took the oven to the repair place. The guy was surprised to see me. I said I was surprised to be there.

"Exactly the same thing. Everything else in the house is working."

He said to phone them, but they'll contact me when the oven is sorted out. Or whatever...

Samsung also had an exit questionnaire. Humph.

Still, it's all grist to the linguistic mill, explaining what went wrong and how and so on!

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