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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Catrin's dossier

Have I talked about Catrin's plans for further studies?

Well the plan is to go to the University of Bordeaux Montaigne from September for a degree in Musicologie - chanson française. It's a degree course that combines musical analysis and history with composition and performance of songs, recording, production of concerts, etc. etc. It sounds like a good all-round music education, ailing mainly at songs than at anything else.

That would be followed by a masters course at the Welsh College of Music and Drama, either in Opera or in Musical Theatre, depending on what Catrin's voice turns out to be most suited for and where her interests lie most.

Well, anyway, entry to Bordeaux Montaigne is by dossier, which means you have to compile a list of documents such as :

Lettre de motivation. This, I think, roughly equates to the personal statement that people now do in the UK.

Curriculum Vitae. This speaks for itself.

Bulletins scolaires. For the years of lycée.

Diplômes de musique. In the music schools at Pessac they don't do diplomas, but we have attestations de niveau.

Supporting documents. In Catrin's case four songs, two of her own composition, recorded in glorious surround-sound stereo in her bedroom and then burned to cd in iTunes.

So the dossier is almost complete. It's quite a project in itself!

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