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Monday, February 09, 2015

Hurrah for Bouyguie-Wouyguie Telecom!

We are the early adopters! We live at the cutting edge!

Our highly esteemed internet provider, Bouygues Telecom, has developed a revolutionary new internet TV box called the BBox Miami. Instead of our big old blunderbuss of a BBox Sensation, with a hard disk and various other gizmos, now you have a tiny little 6" square black box with no lights nor nothing, but it DOES have inside it a smartphone's gubbins, running Android.

This means you can download a selection of Android apps from the play store and run, for example, Chrome on your TV. etc.

How marvellous is that?

Anyway a nice young lady from Bouguie-wouguie phoned me on Saturday and said that our BBox Miami is on the way and it will cost us no more at all and she said all sorts of stuff and it will come soon!

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