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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

One bone to pick with Apple

though I have become an Apple fan-boy (c'est vrai, je l'assume) that does not mean that I approve without question of all that Apple says and does.

One example of something where Apple is part of the problem, not the solution, is the pushed obsolescence of good items of technology.

The iPad came out in 2010. Not even five years ago! And the technology is pretty solid and long-lasting. If the screen hasn't cracked then there's every chance that your old iPad will still be working fine. But the newer releases of iOS are not compatible with the original iPad.

OK. If you still have an original iPad and you are still using it, bravo! It can still be useful in lots of ways, and if it works with the old version of iOS, why not.

But my problem is with the mindset that we end up struggling with, that something four years old is now worthless.

(I'm fifty-five years old, by the way.)

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