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Saturday, December 20, 2014


So far so good.

Positive things:

Apparently they don't look ridiculous.
They feel quite comfortable.
Distance vision is amazingly better. Just amazing! I can see so much more clearly!
If I wiggle my ears I can make them pulsate on my face.

Less positive things:

I look like my sister. My elder sister. Ten years older than me.
They're zoned,
so for distance you look through the top of the lens,
for a computer screen through the middle,
and for the keyboard or a book through the bottom.
It means you tilt your head more than before.
Sideways glances don't really work. You have to turn your head.

I'll get used to them.
And for the moment if I don't put them on it isn't a disaster - I can still see, though not as well.
So I have time to get used to them gradually.

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