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Friday, December 05, 2014

Ha! Big mistake!

It had been ages since we used a Citiz (Autocool as was) car, so I stopped carrying the card.


So this month I've used Citiz a lot, and very happily, too.
Yesterday was a good example.

Firstly the CNEF pastors' meeting at Eysines. You have to go there by car, and no car was available at pessac, so I hied me away to Mérignac to find a jolly nice Clio and got to Eysines in good time.

The pastors' meeting was wonderful and disconcerting. It's a gospel centered group, so sometimes I have the wild urge to pray loudly in Welsh. Just to see. Anyway. But the folks are fine and there was a fine young baptist guy from the right bank present.

The afternoon was spent with our neighbours coaching in English.
Very good fun, and I got to play with their toddler, too, and watch a short excerpt of Peppa Cochon.

In the evening Catrin had her annual dinner-dance with her class at lycée, so we drove Pessac Peugeot by a wonderfully direct route through the city centre streets to pick her up afterwards.

This morning I'll return the car after last night and then pick it up again this evening to go to the music theory class.

Other events on the schedule today:

Meet-up with James Hammond and his august Pastor from London.
Lunch with friend. My ears will be full of somewhat dodgy French afterwards.
Hospital visit.
Check on friend's flat.
Fetch shoes from repairer.
Collate documents from Synode (if I've received them) and send to High Denominational Authorities.
Take Catrin back and fore to Music theory class.

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