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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

So, what about varifocals?

Hey. Yesterday I didn't wear glasses, and friends would read notices off the wall for me.
Today you're suggesting I get varifocals.

Yes, well. You hadn't had your eyes tested yesterday, had you?

So are my eyes going to change quickly?

OH YES! (The ophthalmologists enthusiastic answer unnerved me somewhat)
Well, you have ten years of changing your glasses every year ahead of you.

Well it's a huge waste to spend LOTS of money on varifocals every year if just long-distance vision glasses would do the trick.

OK. What's your profession?

I'm a protestant pastor.

Right. Well, let me fit these lenses in the holders. Now look at the letters in the distance. Clear?
Oh yes!
And the letters on the card in your hand?
No problem.

Now I'll do this. Try the card in your hand.
Now the letters in the distance?

Ok, now unaided. The card in your hand?
The distance?

So with varifocals you can see your book AND your congregation.
Yes, but it doesn't worry me too much if people's faces are a little blurred. 
I don't have to read letters off their foreheads.

Well, listen. I'll do you a prescription both ways.
One for varifocals. One for straight distance vision.
That way you can price them up with the optician and decide.

Great. Thanks very much.

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Stephen Dunning said...

My experience of varifocals is not to get a cheap pair. They vary the focal length vertically, but on a cheap pair there can be quite a narrow range left-right where they give me a sharp image. My optician usually offers me two pairs for the price of one, but have allowed me to have one pair with the next grade of lens up which have been noticeably better.