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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Mission accomplie - or almost...

The guy in the tram and bus office said, "But last year you renewed online?"
"Yes", quoth I, "but last year you emailed me to say my season ticket was running out. This year the bus told me on Sunday that my ticket was out of date. And it's too late to renew online."
"Yes. That's odd."
"I thought so, too."
"Oh, and you're subscribed to the bikes - but that doesn't run out till February. It was January, but you put your bike back in a winning slot and won an extra month. Oh, and to Citiz. Have you heard from them?"
"No." (thinks - must check with Citiz when my renewal is due.

The lady in the insurance office said, "Do you have any proof?"
"Proof of what, my identity?"
"No, proof that your son has left the country. His ticket, for example."
I thought... What proof do I have the Gwilym is now living in the UK...
"His address, perhaps? A justificatif de domicile? A receipt for rent?"
A justificatif de domicile means a gas bill, but they'd accept a bank statement or something...
"I can ask him if he has anything official at his new address."
"OK, tell him to email it to me. Then I can proceed with the enlèvement of your son"
"I hope not!" (enlèvement means kidnapping)
"Ah non, la suppression, ah non... I can do the necessary" (suppression can mean wiping it out)


"Oh yes, you're right to be concerned, our system is not connected to your health insurance so you are not getting reimbursed"
"You know, this is quite serious. I already tried to sort this out this time last year. We pay a lot of money, and get nothing back!"
"Get your statements from the Cavimac and we'll sort it out. It'll be quite festive!"
"We'll invite you for Christmas."

The lady on the phone at the Cavimac said, "We can't go back that far?"
"OK, how far can you go back?"
"Well we can do until January, but..."
"Nothing before?"
"Oh yes, we can go all the way back to the start."
"I'll send them to you by post."

Maybe we'll get this thing sorted out now.

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